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Hugo was eight when he went missing. When searches turn up nothing, his parents, Christophe and Irène split apart under the excruciating pressure of waiting. He moves to Mexico. She goes back to her career as an alto in an early music choir.

They live in their separate solitudes, haunted by Hugo’s disappearance, until one day they get the news that human remains have been found. Everything indicates they are those of their son Hugo.

During their forced reunion in Montreal, they both handle the death of their child in their own way. Amid the guilt of losing a loved one, they haltingly move toward affirmation of life, acceptance of death and even the possibility of reconciliation.

Chorus is a love story that emerges from mourning and leads to two survivors clinging to each other as if to heal the deepest cut of all.

Prizes and Nominations

Prix Collégial du cinéma québécois

Grand Prize Fünf Seen Film Festival

Grand Jury Award Indianapolis Film Festival

Nominations at the Gala du cinéma québécois: best actress for Fanny Mallette, best editing and best film being shown abroad


Sundance film festival
Berlinale, Panorama
Festival de Cinema d’Autor de Barcelona
Festival international du film de La Rochelle
Taipei film festival
Festival International du Film francophone de Namur
Jeonju International Film Festival


Sébastien Ricard, Fanny Mallette, Geneviève Bujold, Pierre Curzi,
Antoine L’Écuyer, Luc Senay, Didier Lucien, Suuns

Director / Screenwriter / Cinematographer / Editor
François Delisle

Artistic director
Geneviève Lizotte

Costume designer
Caroline Poirier

Pierre Pageau

Musical director
Robert Marcel Lepage

François Grenon, Martyne Morin, Simon Gervais, Stéphane Bergeron

Production manager
Marie-Claude Beaulieu

François Delisle, Maxime Bernard

DCP, DVD, HDCAM, Bluray, black and white

Running time
96 minutes


Canadian distribution
FunFilm Distribution

International sales
Doc & Film International


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